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A common use of solar energy in New York and Pennsylvania is to heat water.

Understandably so, as water-heating is usually the second-highest energy need in homes (behind space-heating) and is a necessity regardless of season, making it an excellent application for solar energy.

In fact, approximately one quarter of the energy consumed by a household fuels this need, and numerous conservation measures can be implemented to reduce its associated costs. For example, low-flow showerheads, water temperature reductions and tank and pipe insulations are a few cost-effective measures; however, more substantial savings occur when these measures are coupled with our solar powered water-heating solutions.

Solutions we offer, such as “Flat Plate” and “Evacuated Tube” collectors, employ the thermal energy from the sun to heat water for washing, cooking, cleaning, etc, and can also be used to heat your home or warm the water in your pool.

Not limited to just residential structures, solar water-heating solutions are also available for commercial and institutional buildings.


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